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Enjoy nutritious foods with your family!

The top quality Taiwan Green Bamboo Shoots are selected, which are planted on sandy soil at “Guan-Miao”, Tainan. We only choose the Green Bamboo Shoots harvested from May to August. The Green Bamboo Shoots are processed instantly after harvest, which is fresh and sweet with the crispy taste like pears.

The heavy metal testing of planted soil and irrigation water are tested regularly every year.   The ingredients and final-products must be free of pesticide residuals after the tests by third party certificated association. No pesticide residuals & no preservatives.

The imported patented packing bags are selected. The Bamboo shoots can be stored at room temperature without misgiving about discoloring and flavor changed.

Enjoy the fresh bamboo shoots in anytime.

INGREDIENTS : Green Bamboo Shoots, Salt

WEIGHT  : 250g

SHELF LIFE : 18 months (Sealed)



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