Premium Mixed Nuts

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    Premium Mixed Nuts

    Key Features

    Enjoy nutritious foods with your family!

    No Trans Fat, No preservatives, Not Deep Fried.

    New and perfect taste, dried Date mixed with top nuts and dried fruits. Crispy, delicious and giving top enjoyment.

    You will love it. Premium almond, dried date, dried cranberry, cashew nuts, dried black berry, walnut selected and roasted with slight rose salt to keep the natural taste of nuts. The natural gift given by God to desert environment, the dates. Handpicked, jumbo, plumpness, sweet and delicious. HOME BROWN Top mixed nuts is the best choice for snack. Enjoy it with tea, coffee and any beverage.

    INGREDIENTS: Almonds, Dried Dates, Dried Cranberries, Cashew Nuts, Dried Black Cherry, Walnuts, Rose Salt.

    WEIGHT: 200g

    SHELF LIFE : 15 months.

    PREPARATION METHOD: Eat directly as snacking or dressing with salad.

    The cooperated processing factory obtains the ISO22000 international certification

    Product Certification

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