HOME BROWN Quinoa with Nuts Powder

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OEnjoy every nutritious drink with your family!

Low-temperature Roasted‧High Fiber

HOME BROWN Quinoa with Nuts Powder

HOME BROWN selects red quinoa from Bolivia and cultivated in natural farming method. The dietary fiber and quality protein are retained. No artificial colorings added. Roast at low temperature and finely grind to retain the original nutritional values and original texture of nuts and red quinoas. Perfect match with grains powder and food ingredients. HOME BROWN Quinoa with Nuts Powder is your best choice. Enjoy every nutritious drink with your family.
INGREDIENTS: Pumpkin Seeds, Red Quinoas, Apricot Kernels, Sunflower Seeds
WEIGHT: 200g
SHELF LIFE: 15 months (Sealed)

1. Mix with soymilk, Brown job’s tear powder, oat milk or cereals to enhance the flavors.
2. Add into salad, sushi or baking foods to enhance the flavors.
3. As dressing for salads, yogurt or ice creams to enhance the flavors.
Note: If anyone who is allergic to any type of nuts (pumpkin seed or apricot kernels), it would be advised not to drink it.

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