Black Sesame & Red Beans Powder

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Black Sesame & Red Beans Powder


  • Type:Instant Powder

Key Features

HOME BROWN Black Sesame & Red Beans Powder is a good choice for breakfast and night snack. The black sesame, job’s tears, brown rice, red beans, and black glutinous rice are roasted at low temperature and finely ground. The whole milk powder from New Zealand is mixed to enhance a pleasant rich texture.

Shelf Life: 24 months

Ingredients: Black Sesame, Job’s Tear, Brown Rice, Red Beans, Black Glutinous Rice、Milk Powder

Weight: 450g/Can

PREPARATION METHODS: Hot (Cold) drink 200ml :  Mix 3-5 teaspoons of Black Sesame & Red Beans Powder with the appropriate of 50ml hot water evenly, and then pour 150ml hot (ice) water.  You can adjust the amount according to personal preference.


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  • Minimum Order:6 Unit/Units
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